Grief, Crisis & Trauma Self-Study Certificate Course

A number of individuals have asked about obtaining a certificate in grief counseling to show that training has been completed. It is now possible to receive a Certificate of Completion for “Grief Support and Counseling,” from the H. Norman Wright Institute of Grief, Crisis and Trauma Counseling.

There are benefits to an extension class—you can study at your own pace, the cost of the course is significantly less and in addition there is personal consultation with the instructor, which is a rare opportunity.          

Students will be equipped to minister to others during a time of grief, crisis and trauma. This self-study program will be taught through materials written and recommended by Dr. Norman Wright as well as time with Dr. Wright via three (3) ½ hour phone sessions. Students will learn how to help others by reading verbatims of actual counseling sessions and observing actual counseling sessions. This is provided in this course as well as the latest content. 

We will guide you in the assignments. Cost of this course is $395, which includes the books, DVDs and phone consultations.

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contact Bryn Edwards at 800-875-7560 or email

Primus University of Theology -

Where your life and ministry experience counts for credit.

If you are interested in pursuing your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree, Primus University of Theology combines your lifelong learning as well as online/self-study courses to complete the necessary hours to earn your degree.

“In 2015 I graduated from Primus University of Theology with my Doctorate of Ministry. The staff at the university were able to ascertain the hours I had compiled through the years in my teaching and writing ministry. You have this same opportunity to earn your degree.” H. Norman Wright

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Journey in Grief Care - equipping grief ministry teams

The Journey in Grief Care course will give you the confidence and skill to work with those who have just lost their loved one. You will know what to say, how to act, and what to do. Designed for the leader to teach in a group setting, or for the individual to take the course at home.

This 12-module DVD series includes 36 lessons with 3 Certification Levels: Associate Grief Mentor Certification, Grief Mentor Certification and Master Grief Mentor Certification when completing series. For more information click on the link below