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Thank you for visiting the H. Norman Wright website. We offer materials written by Norman Wright and additional materials he highly recommends. For more information on H. Norman Wright please go to Norm's Bio, Norman's Wright's Special News, Norm and Tess, Norman Wright's New Chapter and Norm's Photo Album.

There is a possibility that Norm will teach the Grief, Crisis & Trauma training course in 2016. If you are interested in taking this course please contact Norm at hnormanwright@lycos.com.

New! From Teresa Wright One Minute Counselor for Women: Practical Help for *Reaching Your Kids *Honoring Your Husband *Strengthening Your Relationships. Tess Wright offers real-life solutions for your everyday concerns and practical suggestions about being productive, experiencing peace, finding joy, and spending restorative time with God. This book is perfect for quick general knowledge and yet detailed enough to help you address specific problems. Now Available.

Special - Winning Over Your Emotions $4.99 while they last.

This easy-to-understand, helpful book shows readers how to transform their troubling emotions into constructive actions that will help resolve conflicts, ease stress, and make life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Now on special - originally $11.99 - Now $4.99. Click on "Specials" tab to place your order.

New and now available in California Continuing Education Units are now available for Marriage Family and Child Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors or Licensed Educational Psychologists for reading and self study. A self test will be sent to you when you have completed the book.

The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma 3 units
Helping those in Grief – 2 units
The Worst is Over – 2 units

$10 per unit, made payable to Christian Marriage Enrichment
The provider of this service is H. Norman Wright, MFT #38328, PCE# 5014.

After working for two years via telephone conversations as a trainer in a Grief Coaching program I have realized that it is possible to expand my teaching and counseling beyond Bakersfield, California and offer phone training to individuals and groups who want to become more proficient in their grief and trauma counseling. Now I can work with individuals throughout the country in training or counseling and my office hours will be less restricted. The sessions last one hour and outside homework, including reading and writing would be assigned (which would be the same as a classroom setting or counseling). If you are interested and would like more information on this type of training or counseling please email me at hnormanwright@lycos.com.

Just Released! Discovering Who You Are and How God Sees You, Overcoming Fear and Worry, Recovering from the Loss of Love, and Teens in Trouble: Helping an Adolescent in Crisis. These small books by H. Norman Wright are now available.

Now Available! 101 Ways to Build a Stronger, More Exciting Marriage! Go to the Marriage link for more information and to order your copy today.

Just Released! What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say Go to the Counseling or Loss link for more information on Norm's newest book.

Also availableMissing the Child You Love: Finding Hope in the Midst of Death, Disability or Absence. One of the most devastating losses a family can experience is the loss of a child. Whether the loss is through illness, accident, drugs, suicide or other tragedy, the pain is overwhelming and often paralyzing. Often we think of “loss” as death. However, in our broken world there are many ways to suffer the loss of a child. This book discusses how a family can learn to cope with loss of a child due to not only death, but a custody battle, addiction (and other choices a child makes), chronic illness, crime (human trafficking, kidnap), and other issues where hopes and dreams disappear. Author helps readers through the grieving process, and assists them in finding God’s grace and comfort during this very difficult time of life. One of the unique features of this book is that it is for parents as well as grandparents. Go to the Loss link to order your copy today!

Now Available! PowerPoint presentation to go with the How to Speak Your Spouse's Language and Helping Others in Loss and Grief curriculum. The PowerPoint will be emailed to you when curriculum is purchased.

NEW! H. Norman Wright's newest DVD series Helping those in Grief, Crisis & Trauma Interactive Instructional DVD training program is now available. This ground-breaking DVD series was created especially for experienced counselors, ministers and lay counselors who want to refine their skills in areas where expertise is difficult to find. For more information see DVD below and go to the "Crisis" or "DVD Series" category.

Now Available! Helping Those in Grief, Crisis and Trauma Counseling Interactive Instructional DVD featuring Dr. H. Norman Wright

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These DVDs contain 10 counseling sessions conducted by H. Norman Wright. Each session includes an analysis of what he did and why, offers what could have been done differently, and suggests what could be shared in the next session. As you watch you’ll be able to learn from his insights and gain ideas on how to sharpen your own skills. You’ll also hear the counselee’s response ad evaluation of his or her session.

The focus of this unique DVD program is ministering at a time of grief and trauma in cases of sudden and multiple loss, family and personal loss, suicide, violence and more. This series is ideal for individual training as well as classroom and group instruction.

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