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Grief, Crisis & Trauma/Victim relief ministries training

February 3rd and 10th Bakersfield, California

February 3rd training topics will include:

·         to identify the various types of human losses and their impact;

·        secondary losses and their impact upon the recovery process

·         complicated grieving

·         a Biblical response to loss and crisis

·         the most practical steps to follow in helping a person recover from their losses and trauma

·        childhood losses and their impact on trauma

·        the impact of trauma upon the brain and practical steps for healing, etc.

This training is for anyone who would like to minister to others in the time of loss, crisis or trauma

February 10th training is for those interested in becoming a Victim Relief Chaplain

February 3rd training $50  -  Training for both days $95 

Please call Bryn at 714-497-7581 if you have any questions 

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Dr. H. Norman Wright will be speaking on:

  • When Loss Isn't Death
  • Trauma
  • Helping Families Through the Unexpected

For more information and to register go to: http://www.actheals.org