When the Past Won't Let You go


When the Past Won't Let You Go: Find the Healing that Helps You Move ON
H. Norman Wright

Is your yesterday getting in the way of your today and tomorrow? When you don’t deal with your past, it has a habit of following you into your future. Whether it’s a major trauma or a series of minor disappointments, it’s impossible to move forward when emotions remain unhealed and relationships stay unresolved.

Identify lingering hurts. Recall any type of childhood or present-day trauma. Discover how a relationship with Jesus brings healing. And apply the Word of God that gives forever freedom. Leave the past behind and move on to fullness of life in the present while looking forward to the future.

Respected trauma therapist H. Norman Wright—who has worked with grief-stricken individuals post-9/11, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and after mass shootings—helps you identify your losses, move through the pain, and hand your fears and worries over to God once and for all.

Are You Your Past?
Memories and How they Control Our Present Life
Thoughts which Dominate Your Life
Emotions and Your Life – Especially Anger
Fear and Hope – Which do You Live By?
Your Brain and Trauma
Grieving Past Losses
Trauma and Your Past
Putting Past Trauma Behind
Trapped or Free/God’s Word and Life

Available August 2016

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