Grief, Crisis and Trauma training seminar

You’ve seen disasters and crisis in your community and congregations. They can strike without warning and your community is turned upside down coping with the aftermath and devastation brought on by a natural or manmade disaster. You may have been called to minister to the family in shock over the unexpected loss of a child or the wife coping with the death of her husband of 51 years. How do you prepare to help in these situations? How can you be proactive and effective in times of loss and crisis?

This seminar is for ministers, counselors, lay counselors, teachers, first responders or anyone interested in developing and increasing their skills in grief and crisis and trauma counseling. H. Norman Wright uses his years of teaching, counseling and personal experiences to prepare and equip others in a valuable ministry to someone who is hurting.

Some of the specific topics that will be covered during the seminar are:

*to identify the various types of human losses and their impact;
*secondary losses and their impact upon the recovery process;
*complicated grieving;
*a Biblical response to loss and crisis;
*the 15 most practical steps to follow in helping a person recover from their grief;
*resources, books, CDs, DVDs etc., to help a person;
*how to use the loss history in counseling and for the entire congregation;
*childhood losses and their impact of trauma;
*the impact of trauma upon the brain and practical steps for healing, etc.

Upon completion of the seminar participants will have learned:

*The distinctions between loss, crisis and trauma;
*The emphasis is a practical hands on “how to respond” approach;
*The normalcy and biblical pattern of grief;
*The causes and symptoms of crisis and trauma;
*The steps and approaches to help others recover from a loss, crisis or trauma
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