Crazy Feelings of Grief


Here is one of the best descriptions of grief I’ve found. The following examples are all symptoms of normal grief:

distorted thinking patterns, “crazy” and/or irrational thoughts, fearful thoughts
feelings of despair and hopelessness
out of control or numbed emotions
changes in sensory perceptions (sight, taste, smell, etc.).
increased irritability
may want to talk a lot or not at all
memory lags and mental “short-circuits”
inability to concentrate
obsessive focus on the loved one
losing track of time
increase or decrease of appetite and/or sexual desire
difficulty falling or staying asleep
dreams in which the deceased seems to visit the griever
nightmares in which death themes are repeated
physical illness like the flu, headaches or other maladies
shattered beliefs about life, the world, and even God
face in the crowd syndrome

Grief could take longer than you’ve ever imagined. It tends to intensify at three months, special dates and the one year anniversary.
© Copyright 2006 H. Norman Wright.