Norman Wright's New Chapter

As many of you know on September 15, 2007 my wife, Joyce, went home to be with the Lord. August 22, 2009 would have been our 50th wedding anniversary. Little did I know at that time the wonderful gift God had in store for me.

While attending a Bible study at Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California my daughter, Sheryl, became friends with Tess Prince. After spending time with Tess Sheryl could tell what a special person she was and encouraged me to get to know her. I hemmed and hawed and postponed meeting her for a couple of months. But because of Sheryl's persistence and encouragement I took the first step and asked Tess out, unbeknownst to Sheryl. Tess and I got to know each other and realized that our relationship was quickly growing to more than a friendship.

In January we became engaged and on June 26, 2010 Tess and I were married in Bakersfield. Three hundred people attended our wedding including friends, colleagues, former students, relatives, former "kids" from my youth department in the 60s, etc. Two former students and now colleagues of mine, Dr. Rex Johnson and Dr. Gary Oliver, were amongst those officiating. I had the privilege of officiating at Gary's wedding Easter weekend. Five weeks later Gary had s sixth surgery for cancer on his tongue. A ten hour surgery resulted in the loss of four teeth, part of the gums and half of his tongue, which was reconstructed from leg tissue. Gary wasn't supposed to be talking as legibly as he did at our wedding for another six months. What a blessing to have him there to participate and speak! Please continue to pray for his healing.

Tess and I are now in the process of turning my house from being a "kennel" where a widower lived into a home which reflects "us." Fortunately, Tess is a gifted decorator, she also loves gardening, is active in Women's ministry, has two children and six grandchildren, is learning to love my two dogs and two cats, and...loves bass fishing. She is also a gifted writer so who knows what the future holds.

We ask for your prayers for us as we grow together in the Lord and adjust to all of the experiences and history we bring to our marriage.
© Copyright 2006 H. Norman Wright.